Tuesday, August 27


My kids are so helpful and always happy to lend me a hand.  Being that we homeschool, it is a wonderful opportunity to teach them how to cook.  They LOVE cooking lunch and I feel that they are benefitting so much from this learning tool.  Nicholas loves to make Mac n Cheese  (he makes other things as he is my true chef, but Mac n Cheese is his absolute favorite) We keep a beautiful bottle of holy water on the stove and just adding a drop blesses everything we eat!!  "Blessed Mac n Cheese", as Nicholas calls it!!
He prepared it for lunch for he and his sisters and was so sweet to offer to help me clean up after they had finished eating......
I gladly accepted his offer to help and asked if he would put the remainder of the Mac n Cheese in a tupperware to save for later.

This is what he put it in
The innocence brought total joy to my heart!!  
"Now......how much Mac n Cheese is left in the pot?"  "Now...where did you find the BIGGEST tupperware in the entire house?"  I don't think that I have even seen that plastic bowl in at least 6 months (it is a good 2-3qt tupperware)!!
I had to post this because it was just a "little happy" that I wanted to remember forever.  He was trying so hard to please his mommy, which in turn, pleases our Lord Jesus so much!!

I know that our Lord looks down on me and He sees me the same situation as little Nick.  There our Lord watches......as I sit here thinking that something is SO MUCH MORE than it really is.  He must smile all of the time at our innocence!  I just love to think about it!
Thank you, Jesus for loving us so much as only a Father can!!
And.....Thank you for Nicholas