Saturday, April 18


Nicholas and Savannah are on the Faustina Lower school Track Team.  They are really excited about the track team and I am so happy that they get to be a part of it.  Coach Bernard is AMAZING!!  I absolutely ADORE him.  He has the kindest heart and a fervent perseverance!  He takes his job very seriously as a coach and grooms very disciplined athletes.  As he firmly molds his team, he never crushes their spirits!  He encourages with love and my 3 kids totally LOVE him in return.  They want to play sports because of Coach Bernard.  He is surly a gift from God!

March 31st
Nicholas competed in the boys 100 meter dash and the boys 50 meter dash
Here he is on the starting line at the track meet.  All of the Faustina students and families always cheer on and support their teammates as they are competing.  
The air is always full of excitement and brotherhood!  
Nicholas was on top of the world as ALL of the Faustina families began yelling "Let's Go Nick" in unison.  Wow, what a wonderful feeling of support!
Here is a picture of the lower school Faustina Track Team.  Nick is at the VERY top, and Savannah is 3rd row up on the right with her cute glasses.  Savannah is on the team as well, but she had an injury and was sadly unable to compete at the track meet with her team.


Madison is on the varsity track team and has really found a love for running.  She runs the 800 and has beat her personal best at each meet.  She has competed in 3 meets and yesterday, she qualified for state!!  She competes at the State meet next Saturday

2nd Varsity Track Meet
April 11th
Here are some pictures of Isaac at one of the High School track meets.  He is holding his VERY FIRST french fry!  He loved it of course
He loved being outside and eating his fry is Madison's event.  Isaac waits at the fence so that he can see his Sis running
Isaac waves and cheers Madi on as she passes
There she is.  He was really excited to get to see her

He fell asleep before we even exited the parking lot.  Poor little tired boy.  He was so cute

April 18th
Isaac dressed SUPER CUTE at the District meet in Springtown TX. The entire family packed up a huge cooler and a car full of chairs, blankets, and snacks in preparation for a long day outside in the sun.  And boy, was it a BEAUTIFUL day
Isaac was a hit with all of the kids.  They really kept him happy the entire day! I barely interacted with him.  He LOVED all of his new friends.  The students and siblings at our school are such a great group of kids.  The other sweet baby is Isaac's new friend Baby Owen.  They are a month apart in age.  They will someday be roommates in Seminary, I just know it!
Look at Madison's name on the big score board!  Women's 800 is underway
Watching Madison from the bleachers and cheering her on as loud as we can!
There she is running to the finish line....Yeah she beat her personal best score again!
Both She and her BFF Claire ran the 800 and BOTH made it to STATE!!  They were SO excited!  What an amazing accomplishment for these two lovely girls
Nothing better than sharing an amazing achievement with your Bestie!  Look at their cute matching high ponytails with their "cheerleading" bows

Gisele and I as we celebrate our daughter's triumph!
Same time, same place, next Saturday for STATE!!  It will be a day to remember!

Gisele....I honestly could not do this high school thing without are so precious to me!  I just cannot express enough how much I love you
These fun school events are so very enjoyable!  I am so thankful that my kids get to be a part of this!
These are fun memories being made for a lifetime of smiles

April 25, 2015
State Track Meet
Okay, we were running late this morning to get to the meet in time.  Well, so I only have 1 picture from the State Meet (because I shattered my iPhone as I was running to get into the car)  We packed the car crazily and grabbed chairs, drinks, snacks, umbrella for baby shade, I even remembered Isaac's hat and food......well, somehow we drove all that way (to Springtown) with our car filled to the rim....but Isaac didn't have any shoes on!! Ugh...
Not running around and playing for Isaac today!  He was stuck in his stroller!  Yikes! I cannot believe that we did that.....That is why I should've packed his stuff up the night before.
It was a fun end the Track season none the less.  Until next year, Springtown TX!

Jesus, thank you for the gift of my beautiful family (without them I would not have any shoes to forget) and for this beautiful day that we were able to spend together.
I love You today and always and forever,
Love, Kerry Ann