Friday, April 17


My SUPER HANDSOME BOYFRIEND......who I have been lucky enough to be married to for the past 18 years (since 1997), took me on a lunch date to a new restaurant, called "Vertskebap"  It just opened in Southlake right in front of Spouts!  I love trying new places to eat!

YUMMY! You've gotta try it.  I had the beef and lamb Kebap....Jeremy had the wrap!
Here is a pic of my Kebap
I never think to take pics of our everyday fun stuff!!  I am always sad to never capture those everyday joys....They are honestly the spice of life!!  So as soon as I thought of taking a picture, I had Jeremy snap a pic of my delicious lunch before I bit into it.
Jeremy did not want to be in the pic this time.  A Kebap selfie of my Love and I would have been even better.......maybe next time! the way, I ate ALMOST that entire Kebap!