Tuesday, May 10


I am beginning to feel a little better everyday. It is hard to know what exactly to say or where to start, so for now, I will just be thankful

I get to come home tomorrow and I know that it was all of the prayers storming Heaven for me....So many people lifting me up.....I cry as I am overwhelmed with gratitude.  I am most undeserving, but I feel so blessed that my Merciful Jesus heard these cries and carried me through
(This is how I imagine our Lord as He holds His tired and weak little girl...me)

After 76 days in the hospital, with my sweet love, Jeremy by my side (he took care of me and NEVER left me for the entire 76 days) we will finally get to be home with our kids as well...oh how my heart has ached being away from them.  Unfortunately, Baby Gracie Ann (although we praise God that she is doing so well) will not be discharged from the NICU until next week, but then all 7 of us will finally be home together again, as it should be.
If I can keep from getting sick, I can remain on in-home isolation as I wait for my new lungs. Right now, I am number two on the transplant list.  To sum it up:

I am happy
I am thankful
I am humbled
I am prayerful
I am terrified

Lord Jesus, I know that You will lead me through this time of healing and as I approach the seemingly steep mountains in the distance
I continue to pray that Your holy and perfect Will be done:
Exactly as You desire it
And for as long as You desire it

You are my everything....without You, I am nothing
Lord, I will always love You with my entire heart and soul
I am Yours