Saturday, December 10



Dear Isaac and Gracie Ann,
Mommy is getting stronger each and every day.  Today was a total joy for me as I got to be with my two babies ALL BY MYSELF without any help at all! I cannot remember the last time that I was well enough to do this
What a miracle my Jesus has given to me!  
 My sweet baby Gracie Ann, you had such a rough night last just could not stay asleep.  You kept waking yourself up with spasms and then after mommy snuggled you and your spasm subsided, you would keep fidgeting as though you just could not get comfortable
 Mommy thought with certainty that you would rest a lot today, but you still struggled and fidgeted.   I am so sorry that you are having a hard time.  I could tell that you were just exhausted and frustrated.  I wish that I could have talked to you about it, but you are still too small to understand, so I just prayed for you and kissed your sweet little face over and over again
And you, my little buddy, were still not feeling the best so we decided that a pajama day would be the perfect solution.  You are such a sweetie and I love your jammies. 

It was also the perfect pajama day, because it was very cold outside,  so we started the fire and turned on the twinkling Christmas was like a total dream.  I sat there holding you (Gracie Ann) and watched you (Isaac) watching the Caillou's Christmas Special (which would prove to be the show that we chose to watch over and over and over again....ALL DAY LONG) 
But as I sat there......I felt so much peace and true happiness that I prayed at that moment, that the day would never end.  I knew that my prayer could not be granted, but so often mommies pray to freeze a moment in time with their children, as time goes by way too fast

My sweet little ones....
The moment of my breath, I realized that as both of you looked as cute as cute could look, you both also STUNK to high heavens, as BOTH of you were poopie!!

Yikes....It was all me, as we were home alone, but we got it taken care of with a lot of baby wash, wipies, and one new pair of pajamas (Isaac needed an entire new outfit)
After our diaper mission was complete, you both smelled as tasty as ever, and if it is even possible, Isaac, you looked even cuter in your blue rocket jammies

Then as I held Gracie Ann in my lap, you and I played cars and drew on your sketch board.  Your favorite thing to draw are houses and write your name (we are still working on both artist renderings)
As you struggled a bit with your house, mommy helped out and drew a house "made to order" by your beautiful imagination!  I would love to live in this house with you can tell it sits on a treed lot, with gorgeous draperies
 Gracie Ann, finally you were able to drift off to sleep for a little while
 Isaac as you watched Caillou for about the 7th time, your little eyes grew heavy and before I knew it, you were fast asleep snuggled under your favorite car blanket
 My beautiful little kittens....I wondered what you might be dreaming about
I had to get a picture of the two of you sleeping to send to daddy and Nicholas (they were hunting today) as you looked so precious

And don't worry little Gracie Ann, after I took this picture, I came right back and snuggled up next to you on the couch to make sure that you did not decide to roll off


This looks like an ordinary end table in an ordinary family room....a lamp, a clock, a picture, and a bowl filled with seasonal decor....but look the clock
It has a secret door in the back of it so that the battery can be changed (we have not changed this battery in years, though....that is why I JUST made this little discovery today)

Isaac, you also discovered this secret door (not sure exactly when) but look what mommy found inside of it, when I opened it up
I found your stash of goldfish.....the perfect hiding place for a little snack to be enjoyed whenever your tummy feels the desire
I could not stop giggling...what a special "treat" for my heart today

What a sweet treat from my oldest "little one".....She is always thinking of her mommy

Isaac woke up and Madison cuddled and played with him for awhile....they have such a special bond
The rest of the afternoon was full of girl time with Madison as we visited and played "babies" with her little brother and sister
(that's you guys)

As I sit here writing this letter to you, Isaac and Gracie Ann, after an absolutely wonderful day, the house is now quiet and calm.  The fire is still blazing and the tree is still lit up, but unlike earlier today, it is dark outside, so there is nothing else lighting up our home right now.
 I love this time of year
Gracie Ann and Isaac,
You are both fed, bathed and safely tucked into your beds.  
Your sisters have returned for the evening, and Daddy and Nicholas are driving back from their hunt in Oklahoma and should be home in just a little while.  
Then I will finally have all of my loves, once again, under one roof, for a well-deserved "long winter's nap"......I know....that was pretty cheesy.
What a wonderful day it was
I will surly fall asleep smiling and looking forward to seeing both of your sweet faces in the morning (well, I will probably be seeing Gracie Ann's beautiful face before the morning light, for sure)  You both are such a joy to my heart....I am so blessed to have you as my children

Dear Jesus,
Thank You for my husband, Jeremy
and for our five children, Madison, Savannah, Nicholas, Isaac, and Gracie Ann.
Thank You for allowing us to celebrate Your Birthday with You each year and for filling our world with an extra special helping of kindness and caring, that seems to just seep out of every person during this most important time of Christmas.  It is something that we do not deserve, but that You bless us with, because You love us so very much.
I love you with all of my heart, and Jesus.....
Thank you for today